Rodney Bathe (mein) wrote,
Rodney Bathe

For the past couple of days, my body has been having frequent spurts of tingling, I've ignored them, and today it's been tingling all day long. Right now it's rather intense, in my face in particular, is extremely uncomfortable, and not going away. I haven't been smoking as much lately and I know that tingling sometimes happens when you quit - blood vessels opening up and taking in more oxygen, and a general improvement of blood circulation. But I had a couple cigarettes just to see, and the tingling has gotten worse. This is very, very uncomfortable and it seems to be taking an effect on my mood. Right now I'm feeling like I'm coming down off something. It's not really 'painful', but it's so discomforting to the point where I could cry. I did some research on paresthesia and I can't seem to identify with any of the listed causes. I don't think it's dehydration either; I've been drinking plenty of water. If anyone knows what may be causing this or has any ideas on how to get rid of it, please let me know.
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