Rodney Bathe (mein) wrote,
Rodney Bathe

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Rose Clouds 88: do you know that feeling when you take a really good shit
Rose Clouds 88: and like you are going to wipe your ass but there's nothing to even wipe
Rose Clouds 88: your asshole is totally clean
Rose Clouds 88: and the paper just GLIDES across it
Rodney Bathe: YES
Rose Clouds 88: don't you love that
Rodney Bathe: it's so jovial
Rose Clouds 88: i know
Rodney Bathe: Unlike the sinister shits I usually take
Rose Clouds 88: I call it "God's greatest gift to mankind"
Rodney Bathe: I thought you don't shit
Rodney Bathe: 'at all'
Rose Clouds 88: I don't
Rose Clouds 88: I just observe it in other people
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